1. Payments will be split into two: initial deposit and final payment.
2. For even bigger savings, GearBest applies a “deposit expansion”; this is a FREE bonus that increases your deposit. The exact amount of this increase depends on the specific product.
3. The remaining balance must be paid within the specified deadline.
4. Failure to pay the balance before the deadline will see the original deposit retained and the order cancelled.
5. For the final payment of the balance, points and coupons cannot be used. However, different payment methods can be used and/or offline payment are welcome.
6. GearBest reserves the right to amend the guidelines for this payment scheme. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Staff. (https://support.gearbest.com/)
7.Final Price is the actual amount paid for the item, which equals deposit and final payment.
8. (Worked example). Price: $100 ($5 deposit saves $10). The final payment: $85=100-10-5. So the final Price: $90=85+5 (Note: this applies to item cost only and excludes any tax fee, shopping fee and insurance fee.)