Huawei is the world famous brand of telecommunication devices and electronics. Centered in the heart of China's silicon valley, Huawei has been a global leader in its product portfolio and market saturation. The smart devices division within Huawei has produced some of the most beautifully crafted pieces of electronics. Stability and consistency is Huawei's main strategy and that helps them to stay dominant across so many platforms.

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"Very nice and well made case.Stability and consistency is Huawei's main strategy and that helps them to stay dominant across so many platforms."

4.7 out of 5

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display ottimo, luminoso ben definito. Batteria ottima, dura tantissimo, se non lo si stressa da matti anche un giorno è mezzo, usandolo tutto il giorno si arriva a sera e ancora si ha riserva di carica. Processore velocissimo. Dopo vari mesi di utilizzo non si è mai bloccato. Memoria super. Fotocamera eccezionale, fa foto veramente belle in tutte le condizioni di luce e si può intervenire su tutti i parametri di scatto con la funzione PRO. Video buoni. Ricezione segnale e trasmissione ottima. Si ricarica velocemente in un paio d'ore. Leggero e sottile è molto versatile. È robusto perché varie volte è caduto e non si è fatto nulla (aveva la cover). Sensore di impronte molto reattivo.
Após alguns dias de testes, posso afirmar que este Honor 6x é absolutamente brilhante!<br>O design, a construção, os materiais e a qualidade global estão muito acima do preço pelo qual o adquiri.<br>O aparelho é extremamente rápido e fiável, tendo até agora correspondendo a tudo o que se esperava, excepto na durabilidade da bateria, que, de facto, não é tão durável quanto o anunciado.<br>Foi a compra com a entrega mais rápida de todas as idades já fiz na Gearbest.<br>Apesar de, por engano, ter comprado a versão com carregador americano, uma semana depois fui surpreendido pela Gearbest com o envio de um pequeno adaptador para PT - obrigado Gearbest!!<br>Cinco estrelas para tudo.
Finally i can say something for a product that i really reaaallly like. I have maybe 5 months of use for this watch, and for someone like myself that always hatted to use watches of anykind, i can say that i really use it all the time ( only take it of at night). The options i use the most is the run inside. and the cardio.<br>The option i have always on is the show time when moving the arm.<br>The battery with that option on is 20 days, and without it is 30 easily.<br>Mine is the Orange and is a fashion design.
Bought this for my wife who has dexterity problems, the finger print function was a blessing for her especially as she could use the left or right hand. the talk and text also made life so much easier and as her old mobile was years old the speed the apps work for her was just perfect. the camera works well and she would definitely recommend this phone to others with dexterity issues.
Top image quality in most lighting conditions/very good video recording /some fun modes to play around with /the images by rear shooters are way better than Iphone 7+/the pro mode really nice too letting the shutter speed down to 30s.<br>no app ever gets closed no matter how many are open!(6GB RAM is no joke)
It has been a few months since owning this phone and it has been a great experience.<br>- Very snappy CPU<br>- Decent camera<br>- Good build quality<br>- 4GB RAM version means I can have many apps in the background no problem<br>- Stylish<br>- Fingerprint scanner is near instant<br>- Phone can last at least a whole day, maybe even 1.5-2 days with some features off<br>- Price!
• Excelente material<br>• Original Honor/Huawei<br>• 1.5 metros, cable plano<br>• Carga rápida 2.0A compatible con mi cargador de mi Mate 9 Lite<br>• El empaque viene sellado<br>Si deseas saber más de mí visita:<br><br>Encontrarás información útil antes de comprar productos para Perú.
This is an amazing phone, great battery life that lasts for more than a day of high usage and a lightning fast experience. Perfect for multitasking as apps doesn't close automatically because the phone doesn't ran out of memory and very good gaming performance too with the latest GPU Turbo update
Great phone. Screen with good colors and big resolution, finest quality and excellent condition of product... Huawei ;)<br>Box contains:<br>- phone ;<br>- USB cable and charger;<br>- headphones;<br>- plug adapter*;<br>- cover case*;<br>*THANK YOU GEARBEST!!!
Exceltente product<br>fast shipping 25 days<br>Good attention from the store<br>Quality price of the best<br>Good presentation of the product<br>Meets the characteristics that say
É um fone de ouvido de ótima qualidade, tanto na construção e na qualidade sonora, além de ser bonito e confortável nos ouvidos, não fica caindo das orelhas e o tamanho é satisfatório
The adapter is original Huawei, comes on a cardboard sheet. I have not too much to say about it, it work perfectly, not too loose, not too tight.
Para o preço a que se encontra tem uma excelente qualidade. Compre com a descrição. As câmaras são excelentes, bom desempenho, o carregamento rápido dá imenso jeito, muita memória, traz capa extra. Recomendo!
In that amount of money, you'd expect a decent processor, a battery that keeps your phone alive for a day and an average screen resolution. The Honor 6X has all the above, fair build quality though.
Good volume and long battery life, Excellent cellphone, I recommend this phone for anyone who needs an unlocked phone to travel or just as an extra phone that you can use with different carriers
Sin duda un excelente producto con la marca original Huawei...<br>El color café queda muy bien y la pantalla reconoce la cubierta del case...<br>Excelente ajuste, sin duda muy recomendable...<br>Este producto es para Huawei mate 10 pro...
Quick delivery<br>Works fine for what I can see<br>Documentation is in chinese, which is a bit lazy for an international version of the phone...<br>I am still very satisfied
dank je wel..ziet er netjes uit,,heeft alleen lang geduurt voordat hij er was,,maar nogmaals mijn dank..ik zal zeer zeker bij de verkoper weer wat bestellen
Tolles Tablet und geniales Design. Eines der besten die ich je in den Händen gehalten habe! Extrem schnell und flüssig. Absolute Kaufempfehlung!
Usefull item, compatible with FREE mobile if you use it in France.<br>The only problem is the single language (Chinese) but with google chrome it work perfectly in any language you need.<br>You can also read SMS received on your SIM card if you need to retrieve ISP informations.
Tiene una excelente autonomía y fácil de adaptación de ademas de fácil traslado.<br><br>Potabilidad indiscutible....<br>Claro que lo volvería a compra...
My father in law loved it and recon it's better than Iphone earpod.<br><br>He now uses this as his daily driver and he says the sound are clear.
Design and body materials<br> Good screen and overall speed<br> Memory<br> Camera<br> Price<br> The availability of NFC and IrDA
Best in Quality & also in workmanship as this can be best used with micro USB Cable for its conversion to C Type USB Cable
Fone com grande qualidade de estrutura e som. Controle de fácil manuseio, excelente volume com ótima qualidade de som e graves. eu indico.
PRÓS<br>1 - Bateria de 6400 mAh impressionante.<br>2 - Tamanho e peso não muito grande como seria de esperar.<br>3 - Captação e distribuição de rede muito boa.<br>4 - Bom software programado de fábrica.<br>CONTRA<br>Vem tudo em Chinês falta-lhe a mudança de idioma
Dobre urobený obal na Huawei Mate 7 dostatočne pevný ale nie príliš hrubý.<br>Elegantné a účel plniace čo dodať
good and fast phone with good camera. i recommend. <br>connection problems with cloud, service not available!
very good device! nice camera, very fast response of the fingerprint sensor, the device running fast.
Áudio claro, com bons graves e muito confortável. Com um cabo grande e bem trabalhado, e bastante leve